Knights of the King's Cupboard

Class: Garbage Knight (In-training)
Weapon: His scrappy old sword, "Can-Opener"
Skill: Scrapbinding
Hometown: Tin Alley

Dustin is a young cannister from Tin Alley, who was recently granted with the honor as serving as the King's personal squier at the 315th Annual KingsCon. However, Dustin stayed up all night drinking curdled milk and overslept the feast. And oh yeah, the King got kidnapped. So now it's up to Dustin to take on a dangerous mission, where he must prove to everyone-and himself- that he is truly worthy of the title of Garbage Knight.

Class: Rogue
Weapon: Daggers
Skill: Ways of the Street
Hometown: Ratlanta

Ratavian is Dustin's best friend, but always ends up having to look after him. Rat showed up in Garbagia five years ago, after retiring from her job as a "traveling saleman." She now spends most of her time studying in Tin Alley and bailing Dustin out of trouble.

Walker Jacket
Class: Gunman / Librarian
Weapon: His trusty revolver, "Bookshot"
Skill: Trick Shots
Hometown: Garmenton

Known far and wide as "The Reading Ranger", Walker Jacket is a sworn member of the Book Keepers Order, who swear an Oath to no kingdom. Instead they work tirelessly to preserve the history and sanctity of The Dump.

King Cerulean
Class: Laundromancer
Weapon: Bubble Wand
Skill: Laundromancy
Hometown: Laundry Forest

Cerulean is the second King of Garbagia, hand selected by the late Garbamesh himself. He is an accomplished Diplomat and a fair and honest leader. After 300 years of peace, Cerulean is taken hostage by the Bug Kingdom for reasons unknown. Ceruleans absence creates a large power vacuum and the remaining Kingdoms of the Dump are tossed into chaos.

Class: Stink-Bug
Weapon: Stinklances
Skill: Fumeshaping
Hometown: ???

Little is known about Musk. He has been working for the crimelord Big Daddy Longleg for the last ten years, but before that no one has been able to find any trace of him. As greedy as he is grumpy, Musk isn't all bad as he pretends to be. He possesses an exotic skill known as Fumeshaping, where he can memorize the scents of his enemys and create a stink cloud around himself in their image.

Class: Bard / Student
Weapon: None
Skill: Arguably None
Hometown: Tabletop

Lute is the disowned son of House Stringmire. He didn't show much promise in his music studies and and often skipped his lessons to go read comics instead. He became an embarassment to his family of accomplished musical instruments, and was sent off to join the Book Keeper's Order and has become the understudy of Walker Jacket.

Rotten Eggs

Vermilion the Wastelord
Class: Contaminancer
Weapon: ???
Skill: Dark Dump Magics
Hometown: ???

Lord 8-Ball
Class: Billiard Knight
Weapon: The Black Blade "Miasma"
Skill: Scrapbinding, Fumeshaping
Hometown: ???

General Spew
Class: Grimelin Warrior
Weapon: His ball and chain "Upchucker"
Skill: ???
Hometown: The Eastern Wastes