Welcome to the Lands of Fill


Join the trashcan knight, Dustin Binsley, as he fights his way through the Five and Half Kingdoms of the Dump. Rescue the trashpicked King, defeat the totally disgusting Toxic Grimelin Army and prevent the Lands of Fill from an all-out war!

Accompanied by your best friend Ratavia, embark on a perilous quest from the Trashmounds of Garbagia to the Faucet Falls of Detergeos. Brave dank, dangerous dungeons, face-off against fearsome, filthy foes, and build a party tough enough to tackle the toxic threat!


  • Created for both PC and Mac. Possible console release if funded!
  • Toggle between FIVE playable characters and use their unique abilities to navigate dungeons, solve puzzles, and take down enemies.
  • We focus on engaging exploration by letting you run and jump all over the maps to find secrets and trashy treasures!
  • Explore unique environments and various oddball locations detailed with rich snes-styled pixel art.
  • Turn-based combat that takes the best from classic RPGs while adding a few new elements, such as tactical character placement and timed hits.
  • On Screen Enemy encounters, NO RANDOM BATTLES!!!